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2008 Hidden Valley Heathcote Shiraz

Hidden Valley Heathcote ShirazThe 500 million year old volcanic soil that makes up Heathcote’s unique topography has long been regarded as the reason for such exceptional Shiraz. Known as Cambrian earth, the red soil of Heathcote, like the Terra Rossa soil of Coonawarra, is noted for producing wines hallmarked by intense fruit characters and peppery tones. It has excellent moisture retention characteristics, virtually eliminating the need for irrigation

Sourced from a single vineyard, our Heathcote Shiraz is partially barrel fermented and matured for 16 months in American oak. It is crafted to reflect the distinctive style of the Heathcote terroir and set to complement our great family of superb Victorian red wines.

The combination of low rainfall, hot summers and the red Cambrian soil creates a challenging environment in which the Shiraz vines thrive, it produces low yields and small berries with intense flavours.

The 2008 season had cooler than average nights which helped slow the ripening process which intensifies the flavour of the grapes. Rain fall at just the right time meant that the vines were not over stressed at any point.

The oak used is steam bent American Oak which offers a subtler flavour than its fire bent counterpart but still add the tannin that is needed for longevity. The wine is placed in 100% new oak for around 24 months. Our Heathcote fruit is always picked on flavour, and in this aspect of the wine we are aiming for consistency.

Colour: Dark plum with a deep Purple hue.
Nose: Intense rich, ripe Blackcurrant and Mulberry aromas with Vanilla and spicy overtones.
Palate: The palate is very intense and yet well balanced between fruit, oak and chalky tannins. The complex spicy, sweet and savoury flavours of the wine builds in the mouth and crescendos to an amazingly long finish backed by a great acid back bone and tannic structure that will ensure that this wine lives for a very long time.
Cellaring: This wine is a traditional Heathcote Shiraz in that it is big, rich and powerful with an elegancy that is not expected from Australian reds. As a result this wine is evidently drinkable now, however in good conditions, a cellar life of 15- 20 years should be achievable.