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the Hidden Valley labelThe Hidden Valley Label

The label represents our four key concepts:

  • Stability:

    Stability in the sense of grounded-ness, solidarity and strength.

  • Endurance:

    About taking up the challenge, about stepping out on the journey, about seekingexcellence and reaching new heights. But it is also about endurance of quality; thatwhatever you are doing needs to last; about our underlying viticultural andwinemaking practices; and about the enduring quality of our wines.

  • Revitalisation:

    Hidden Valley Estate is a place where people can come and be revitalised; where theworries of their everyday lives can be cast aside; where they will enjoy hospitality,warmth, friendliness and comfort.

  • Perspective:

    Perspective is provided at Hidden Valley Estate. There is an openness and theboundaries are lifted; things fall into their rightful place here; and people can taketime out to reflect.