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Hidden Valley Wines and Vineyards Australia

Hidden Valley wines are perfectly constructed for the vineyard and terroir lover to really get to know the true flavours of the vineyard and vintage.

Our philosophy is to produce the best wines possible from fruit sourced from the specific Australian region that best suits a particular grape variety and style. In other words, if Shiraz grows best in a certain area, then we will go there and pick the best fruit. This way our wines are simply the best they can be.

In our pursuit of excellence, our winemaking process is labour intensive, very much hands on, with an objective of making a maximum of only 1000 cases of each chosen wine.

Our Winemaking

The best grapes, traditional techniques and attention to detail

Hidden Valley’s winemakers source fruit from many regions around Australia. This means that our vintage starts in late January with the arrival of early ripening fruit and lasts until our high altitude Pinot Noir reaches us in early May. This long season gives us the time to devote to creating great wines, a luxury that many other wineries simply don't have.

The winery is designed to follow traditional winemaking techniques. The red grapes are picked by hand before being cooled to around 5°C and then sorted on a conveyor belt. Prior to pressing the crushed grapes (with some whole bunch inclusion) are placed in open fermenters and cold soaked for 7 days. Once fermentation initiates the fermentation caps are hand plunged 6 to 8 times daily.

The Barrel Room is atmospherically controlled at 13ºC, year round to maintain the quality maturation of barrelled wine. We use only premium French oak barriques (225 litres) for the Cabernet Sauvignon. We use a combination of the best American and French oak for our Shiraz.

Excellence in wine, unique experiences and lasting memories form the basis of Hidden Valley Estate. This has been at the pinnacle of the wine and gourmet scene within Australia for decades. Located in the heart of the Victoria - one of Australia’s great wine regions - Hidden Valley Estate Winery selects the very best varietals not just locally, but from individual vineyards throughout Australia.

The Winery was designed with in a way that combines classic French traditional techniques that produces the best hand-made wines, as well as blending in the latest modern scientific equipment designed for the ultimate premium wines.

This process starts with pruning the grape vines, hand picking the grapes, plunging of red skins and even the time honoured technique of "pigeage" (foot stomping) of red skins. These are laborious, time consuming, and expensive - but essential in making fine wine.